• Olga Kirichenko
      Vocal Coach

      Olga Kirichenko

      Vocal Coach

      I was born and raised in a small town of Shebekino, near Belgorod, and was singing
      in a school choir at Sheben’s Boarding School. Next, I attended Belgorod State
      Institute of Arts and Culture at the Department of Stage Performance and Jazz
      Vocal. Upon graduation, my formal education continued at the Degtyarev’s Music
      Academy, where I completed a university degree as opera singer and participated in
      multiple international contests as a student.
      I combined working as a soloist at the Belgorod Children’s Musical Theatre with
      singing in the Chamber Choir at the Belgorod’s State Philharmonic. Currently, I live
      in Toronto and work as a vocal coach, while performing as a singer/vocalist in
      various music projects and productions.