• Margarita Romko
      Vocal Coach, Composer

      Margarita Romko

      Vocal Coach, Composer
      Margarita Romko is an expert in jazz vocal, works with music bands and on an
      individual basis, composer, arranger. She was born in Nikolaev, Ukraine, in the
      family of musicians/teachers: mom was working at the Music School and specialized
      in solfeggio and musical theory, as well as headed the choir for senior grades. Dad
      worked at the Music Academy, taught bassoon and oboe. Our house was always
      filled with sounds of music. Starting at 3 years old, I attended classical music
      concerts with my mom and she often took me to her work at the Music School. I
      loved to hear the choir sing and tried to perform with them. Our town was
      frequented by the numerous touring artists and opera performances, academic and
      folk choirs, dance and song groups, operetta companies, etc. I had a great time
      learning the new genres and at home tried to play by the ear. According to my
      mom, I had the perfect pitch, sense of rhythm and music memory.
      Upon graduating the Music School with Honors after 7 years in piano, I attended
      Nikolaev’s State Music Academy for 5 years and simultaneously studied at the Piano
      and Conductor/Choir departments. I proceeded to earn a degree at the Nejdanova’s
      Odessa State Conservatory in Conductor/Choir Faculty and returned to my
      hometown of Nikolaev to the Music School and worked there for 11 years. My
      primary subjects were piano, solfeggio, musical theory, and the choir for senior
      grades (120-140 students).
      My family moved to Ashkelon in Israel, where I created and organized the vocal jazz
      group “Octava +” for adult performers, and in 3 years a children band was formed.
      I started to write, record, and arrange my own music. The repertoire consisted of
      well-known songs, as well as the new ones in different languages. We participated
      in various events throughout the country of Israel and performed at Festivals and
      Competitions. Israel’s TV Channel 9 featured our performances during the “7.40”
      In 2011 my family moved to Toronto, Canada, where I continued writing music and
      songs, while working at the Pochemuchka Educational Centre. Once again, my
      “Octava +” group was reborn, in another country under a different sky. In 2014, I
      received an exciting collaboration offer from Janna Stepanova, Star School Academy
      Director, and we work together ever since! The work is overwhelmingly interesting,
      the students are fantastic, the educators are exceptional – everyone is creative and
      Over these years I wrote the songs and the music for 4 musical productions “The
      real Pinoccio”, “Alice in Wonderland”, “Chippollino”, “Chukkokala”, as well as 4
      songs to the famous Russian musical “Mama” and many other songs.
      Star School Academy’s musicals became the center of attention at multiple tours
      and festivals. We travelled to Chicago, New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, Ottawa;
      visited Washington twice; performed at the Brighton Beach Theatre, received the
      Grand Prix and numerous 1st Places! Each musical is an instant success, and they
      are loved by several generations of our Toronto audiences.
      A female jazz quartet “Chanel N5” was created under my guidance, and it is among
      my greatest achievements – a unique success story of a band performing in retro
      jazz style!