• Lina Zolotarev
      PR, Marketing

      Lina Zolotarev

      PR, Marketing
      Lina was born in Ukraine and moved to Israel at 11 years old. She graduated high
      school and served in the Paratroopers for 5 years, attended prestigious Technion
      University and specialized in Interactive Connections and Marketing.
      For 6 years Lina was an essential part of Israel’s KVN (Russian’s version of

      university team stand up comedy) in “Severnyi Cocktail” team. The Israeli team

      won multiple times at the PurimShpil International Humor Festival in Vitebsk,
      Lina moved to Toronto in 2006 and : her two sons are determined students at Star
      School Academy. Her Marketing expertise has been in action since 2013 Lina is
      also one of the founders of “Chanelle No. 5” retro band, directed by Margarita Romko,
      Star School Academy’s Vocal Coach and composer.
      Her Motto and main secret of success – the ability to combine artistry and
      marketing! She can sell ice in the Arctic, all while elegantly singing!