• Alexander Zlotnik
      Piano, Solfeggio

      Alexander Zlotnik

      Piano, Solfeggio
      Alexander was born and raised in Minsk, Belarus. His musical talent became
      obvious at an early age, and he was greatly inspired by Michel Legran’s “The
      Sherbourne Umbrellas”. At only 5 years old he started to perform the melodies and
      popular songs from feature films. At 7, Alexander began attending musical school
      and learning classical piano. He was greatly inspired by classical music, especially
      by the works of Johann Sebastian Bach. Eventually, Alexander’s interest shifted
      towards pop music and jazz, and his inspiration by modern French composers
      Michel Legran and Francis Lay led him to studying music professionally.
      He was accepted to Jazz Department at Minsk’s Music Academy, and at the time, his
      idols were Winton Kelly, Tommy Flanagan, Kenny Barron, Bill Evans, Bob James and
      Dave Gruzin.
      In 1989 Alexander moved to Israel and completed his bachelor’s degree in Jazz
      Piano at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. Upon graduation, Alexander
      performed as a solo pianist, as well as a part of various musical orchestras. He
      resides in Toronto since 200 and performs as a solo pianist along with jazz and
      blues orchestras, teaches piano and musical theory.