• Vocal Training

    Vocal Training is our life!
    At Star School Academy, vocal training is essential! Everyone sings here – from our youngest students to our parents. Our incredible educators offer professional assistance for exams and contest performances, for acceptance to professional school or institution or for those who wish to sing recreationally, in a group or solo. We offer vocal lessons to performers of any level – from aspiring beginners to professionals or adult students. Please choose from classic, jazz, rock and pop vocal training, as well as musical actor preparation. All our students learn in aesthetically designed classrooms with professional sound equipment. Our Academy is also happy to provide an opportunity to record any soundtrack at our Recording Studio with
    a professional sound engineer.
  • Dance Training

    Dance and Stage Movement.
    During dance classes, our young talents are learning to efficiently apply their body language, develop flexibility and calisthenics, improve motor skills/coordination and sense of rhythm, learn various dance

    techniques from classical to hip hop. At Star School Academy, our students can either study Dance as a part of the Musical Theatre course or proceed to the professional level in our Dance Studio.
  • Acting Training

    Our Life – Acting
    Acting and stage techniques are fundamental stepping stones for all, who enter the stage and live in the world of theatrical imagery and scenes. Public speaking, breathing techniques, memory and imagery development, teamwork – these are just a few examples of highly practical and useful skills, which our students acquire during acting lessons. These important skills will ensure their success on the stage and in their future personal and professional lives.
    • Star School is

      our home and everyone here respects and appreciates each other

    • Star School is

      an opportunity to see the world, since our concerts and tours are filled with excitement and discoveries

    • Star School is

      comprehensive artistic curriculum for our students to become confident and successful adults

    • Confucius

      Whatever you do in life, do it with all your heart

    • Konstantin Stanislavsky

      An actor must learn to turn what’s challenging into the habitual, the habitual into the effortless, and turn the effortless into the magnificent.

    • Albert Einstein

      Art is contagious. Pass it on!

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