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  • Performing Arts and Music Academy

    Theatre starts in the childhood, not at the coat check…

      Acting and stage techniques are fundamental stepping stones for all, who enter the stage and live in the world of theatrical imagery and scenes.


      At Star School Academy, vocal training is essential! Everyone sings here – from our youngest students to our parents.

    • DANCE

      During dance classes, young talents are learning to efficiently apply their body language, develop flexibility and calisthenics.

  • Star School’s primary goal is the consecutive and professional child education, not merely a momentary success. All our students would greatly benefit from their acquired skills and talent development and be able to apply that knowledge throughout their personal lives and professional careers. Our comprehensive curriculum is aimed at helping our students become independent and well-rounded successful individuals.

    • Our Program

      Star School curriculum encompasses 3 essential subjects: Vocal Training, Acting and Dance. Together, they are the key elements for harmonious development of any artistically inclined individual.

    • Vocal is The Key

      Vocal Training has a unique role in our Academy. We offer vocal lessons for students of any level or background, from beginners to professionals.

    • Comfortable Atmosphere

      In our new Star School headquarters, students will connect with their creative side in comfortable and aesthetically designed classrooms.

    • Modern Equipment

      Our students improve their vocal skills with professional microphones, excel in dance and movement in our mirrored classrooms, rehearse on our own stage and recharge in our cozy café. The youngest students learn and play in 2 classrooms, decorated with murals of their favorite childhood fairytales.

  • Our Groups

    Each group has a Star Name
    • Diamond Stars
      Acting, Vocal Training, Dance
      • 12-16
      • Thursday & Saturday
    • Rising Stars
      Acting, Vocal Training, Dance
      • 6-8
      • Friday
  • Star School Academy opened in 2011

    We staged over 10 musicals for kids, participated in numerous concerts & festivals, took multiple prizes and top places in International Competitions and won the Grand Prix at the International Kids Theatre Festival in Washington!

  • Our Video Releases

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  • Our Star-Studded Educational Staff

    Experience and Professionalism Above All
  • Our School is dedicated to selecting most qualified educators.

  • The child’s interest and desire to be a part of the school and to participate in weekly classes are based on our teachers’ degree of knowledge, skills and experience with our students.

    • Janna Stepanova
      Director & Producer
    • Stanislas Vitort
      Vocal Coach
    • Anastasia Smirnova
    • Margarita Romko
      Vocal Coach, Composer
    • Эта школа, на протяжении последних 3х лет стала нам вторым домом. Там работают по истине любящие своё дело, безумно талантливые люди. Это очень здорово, что благодаря этой школе, у нас есть возможность прикоснуться к интересному миру театра и мюзикла.

      Katya Agasiyants
    • Великолепная школа с профессиональными преподователями вокала, драмы и танца.

      Rita Sinaisky
    • We love Star School! My daughter can’t wait for her lessons, it’s her favorite place to be. Thank you for the great job you are doing, not only with our kids, but contributing to our community as well.

      Nadya Geddes
    • Замечательные педагоги, счастливые дети, дружелюбная атмосфера, индивидуальный подход к каждому ребенку, превосходные результаты и т.д. Очень довольны школой… Рекомендуем всем!!!

      Dasha CA
    • The school has a really good atmosphere of inspiration, freedom, and acceptance! The teachers are very professional, target oriented and warm, loving and friendly at the same time. Really good for little kids and teenagers both. Amazing new office with beautiful dancing, music, games and theater rooms, rest area and coffee. My son loves Star School!

      Marina Matskevitch
    • It is a beautiful leading Russian cultural project in Great Toronto Area.

      Iakov Radyushin
    • My daughter has been going to Star School for the past 2 years. She LOVES IT! Can’t wait for Thursdays and Sundays. She now lives for every performance, play, song, and dance. Her sister is now old enough to attend Star School and now she cannot wait. She has gone to every musical and loves to rehearse with her older sister. Performing Arts is a dying practice in Canadian public schools and we are extremely grateful for all the teachers and administration for giving our kids opportunities to shine.

      Anna Anuta
    • Thank you Star School Academy for another beautiful year of theatre and music, joy and fun! Special thank you to all the wonderful teachers and director! Маргарита, Ирина, Мила, Татьяна, Стас, Дима МС, Дима хип-хоп, Александр и конечно же Жанна! Спасибо вам! Низкий поклон! Любим вас! С каждым годом всё сильнее! Отдельное спасибо за Финальный Концерт 2018. Было супер!

      Ekaterina Vinokurova

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      Vaughan, Ontario

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